Allow me to introduce myself :)

Hey there- thought now that the website is up and running this would be a great time to officially introduce everyone :)

My name is Shelby Lewis- I'm a mom, wife, west texas native, TTU Alumni & owner of The Dandy Lion

My family- I'm going to pretend that we're always this composed....

(Brian, Everett, myself & Emory)

First & foremost let me say that this little shop generates a lot of big work and I wouldn't be where I am today without my AWESOME hubs (Brian), my family, my customers (who are now friends) and of course my AMAZING staff!

I've always been interested in all things creative and have been so grateful to build a business where it is my "job" to create every day! I was a national account sales rep for 7 years when I decided that I wanted to change lanes.  The shop started as a garage based business in 2012 where I would paint custom signs one at a time using very small pieces of wood that we cut after work hours at a borrowed shop.  Then we started buying bigger sheets of wood and I bought my own tablesaw. Next thing we knew, we were looking at properties to house all of the equipment and "junk" that was starting to overrun our home.  

The Dandy Lion was initally going to be shop/tool space, the retail side of it came to be when we acknowledged the building had great potential for a super cute boutique. We put about 8 months into renovations (and growing a baby) Everett joined us in September of 2015 and the shop opened that November both of which big sister Emory was super excited for.

Now, we offer all things you would expect to find in a gift shop and clothing boutique as well a some really great one of a kind pieces.

We LOVE supporting other handmade artisans and local business- this is paramount to our core business values!

If you know if someone great that would like to wholesale their wares send them our way!

Shot of the storefront- come see us!

Something we weren't expecting to take off like they did- our custom designed tees. However, we are so grateful they did!  We are putting a lot of time and resources into our tshirt line this year so be on the lookout for GREAT things!

This is Allison- one of our awesome employees/babysitter/personal assistant/deal finder/ stylist. She's pretty much everything. Rocking one of our recent tee designs.  Oh to be 23 :)

Finally, I want to mention how much we love our little town.  Levelland is a designated Texas Main Street Community.  Basically, what that means is that we put a lot of love and time into our downtown area.  I serve on several boards and committees that help promote downtown Levelland & we are growing by leaps & bounds into a really cute shopping/event destination.  So if you're in the neighborhood stop by and I'll help show you around!

Well friends, that's it for now.  Thank you guys so much for your continued support and stay tuned for some really fun things on the horizon!