Not a regular mom, a cool mom.....

Happy Monday friends!  I just wanted to make a supplemental post to our introduction and brag on my mom for a minute :)

This is me & my mom Cindy :)  She's pretty much the coolest

I remember when I was a kiddo and my grandparents would pick us up from school that one of my favorite things was getting to "play" in my Gramma's sewing room.  She would give me scraps of fabric and let me run stitching on it and I truly loved it!  Mom was also an avid seamstress (best word I can come up with because sewer reminds me of ninja turtles and not my mom's talent!)  She taught me to sew by pattern (which I still hate to this day, I like to just "figure it out") and I remember making my first full outfit around the age of 10.  I also remember our house was always filled with craft projects, she would paint denim jackets, make sock bunnies that she also sold at trade shows.  She enrolled me in summer school t-shirt painting classes which I still vividly remember today! However, now that I am a mom too I can't help but think the summer school classes served a couple of different purposes! 

I was able to keep my toe in something creative as I grew up even if it was as basic as cheerleading posters or as detailed as my yearbook classes I always found my way back to creative outlets.  After college I tried my hand at the corporate world and I was not happy stifiling my creative side as that job was all consuming.  I completely blame this on my mom and Gramma! Mom is the one who helped me get this business started. We started out with primarily baby and kid items-  I made a bib template out of a pizza box and made her a copy so our sets would match (Again, I have to figure it out on my own- who needs a pattern when you have pizza?)  She jumped on this crazy ride with me and fills orders at the shop which she largely does in exchange for free clothing- a win win for all!

If you've ever been to the shop you may have noticed "TuTu's Handmade Happies" cubby.  Well, that is her area to fill with whatever she wants.  TuTu is her grandma name and if you can't tell her love for my kiddos then you haven't noticed that the whole cubby is adorable stuff for babies and kids as well as beautiful baby bedding.  She works full time and still manages to go home and sew orders for the shop.

TuTu's Cubby at The Shop- come see what's new! 

Custom Baby Bedding

So next time you're in town stop by to see what fun stuff is in stock- 100% handmade by a pretty cool lady :)

Hope everyone has a great week!